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IronVIDEO – setting new standards for network video security, surveillance, recording, storage, access control and intrusion detection, perimeter security systems and solutions.

IronVideo is a manufacturer and distributor of fully customizable, IP and Hybrid video digital security surveillance, storage, access control, intrusion detection, perimeter security systems and solutions. IronVideo offers high-quality, high-capacity IronNVR (Network Video Recorders), IronNVS (Viewstations), IronAC Access Control/Anti Intrusion Solutions) and IronRAID (High Performance IP-SAN and/or SES Storage Expansion Solutions) that combine advanced technology with exceptional affordability, performance and reliability.

Whatever your video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and perimeter security requirements – simple or complex, indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless – IronVIDEO has a solution that will work for you.

IronVIDEO NVRs (Network Video Recorders), and its High Performance IP-SAN and SES Storage Expansion Solutions line combine advanced technology with exceptional affordability for companies seeking network surveillance, access/anti intrusion systems that can be used to monitor a variety of situations that impact corporate productivity. Whether you require our simplest systems or our most sophisticated ones, incorporating IronVIDEO’s customizable technology into your surveillance application will improve:

  • Overall premises’ security and theft prevention
  • Emergency recognition and response
  • Incident reporting and documentation
  • Procedural accountability
  • Management of quality control

Whether you’re attempting to supervise a retail environment or an industrial one, IronVIDEO should be your first call when you’re seeking a customizable video surveillance, access control/intrusion detection solution that addresses your specific application requirements while offering:

  • Virtually limitless storage capacity
  • Industrial-class design and performance
  • Flexibility, reliability and scalability
  • Exceptional value

Would you like to be an IronVIDEO Authorized Installler? Click Here to go to our inquiry page to learn how to become an IronVIDEO Installler or call us at 508-618-1301 today!

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