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Typical Surveillance Applications

Retail/Loss Prevention
Gaming & Casinos
Health Care

Video Surveillance Security Systems for the Retail Industry

IronVIDEO systems offer storeowners the opportunity to improve their bottom line by optimizing staff performance and reducing incidences of fraud and theft. And because of the variety of surveillance solutions that IronVIDEO offers, you can do it without starting from scratch - IronVIDEO can upgrade your existing system seamlessly, providing you with access to today's advanced digital technology without forcing you to compromise your previous investment in security equipment.

By utilizing video servers combined with IronVIDEO's NVR's or just replacing your existing analog recorder or VCR with asupported encoder it will enable you to integrate the traditional CCTV cameras you already have in operation into a fully-digitalized surveillance solution. Or, if you decide to take an entirely new approach to video surveillance, IronVIDEO's NVRs offer you a high-performance, cost-effective method to achieve even better results. This advanced digital solution minimizes maintenance costs by using your existing analog and IP network infrastructure while providing exceptional image quality, leading to easy identification of people and a clear view of transactions. Unlike traditional video tapes whose image quality suffers the more that they are used, the image quality you get from a digital solution remains consistently high over time.

As well as providing the essential surveillance needs required to prevent shrinkage while improving staff security and store management, IronVIDEO's advanced technology can multi-task, enabling you to expand your video surveillance system to include several other functions. Some of our surveillance systems can even be customized to:

Record and search by motion detection and provide images for evaluation to eliminate security personnel responding to false alarms.
Offer staff members the added security of watching over them when they are working alone or late at night.


Video Surveillance Security Systems for Business & Office

  • Conference Rooms - record with both video and audio for conference playback
  • Entrances and Exists - record comings and goings so that they can be easily referenced whenever necessary
  • Parking Lot - insure safety of both employee and fleet property
  • Employee Areas - monitor employee performance, break time and ensure high productivity
  • Server Room - allow remote technicians to inspect physical hardware for warning signs like failed RAID, drive or fan indicators


Video Surveillance Security Systems for Airports

As a result of the fear of terrorist attacks and the adoption of preventative measures to preclude them, airports have become the key place for employing network video solutions. The remarkable capacity and scalability of IronVIDEO NVR's, RVRs and Storage makes them the ideal surveillance solution for use in airport environments to prevent theft, drug trafficking, illegal immigration and much more.

  • Entrances and exits - to record comings and goings so that they can be easily referenced whenever necessary.
  • Customs - to supplement the ongoing work of security personnel in order to prevent illegal immigration or the smuggling of contraband.
  • Parking lots - to insure the safety of both passengers and airport personnel and to prevent the vandalism of cars located there.
  • Hangars - to insure that no plane is ever tampered with prior to a flight.
  • Baggage Claim - to record who recovers what and when in order to help prevent theft and loss.


Video Surveillance Security Systems for Banks

IronVIDEO’s advanced NVR and RVR surveillance systems will allow you to modify your existing CCTV equipment and network infrastructure to create a cutting-edge surveillance system that will enable you to:

  • Monitor activities at any number of branch offices from one central location
  • Visually confirm alarms to your security staff
  • Empower your staff members with the ability to install and maintain the system on their own

Using IronVIDEO’s customizable products, you can utilize an IP network infrastructure to deploy cameras, reducing both implementation time and start-up costs. And once you’re up and running, because captured images are stored on computer hard discs - thereby eliminating the need for employees to change and take care of videotapes - the administration of a NVR or RVR that is networkable is both simpler and less labor intensive than traditional CCTV.
When IronVIDEO’s NVR and RVR systems are installed in local bank branches, images can be transmitted to a central location for remote viewing using the LAN, WAN or Internet – this is a decided advantage over traditional surveillance systems, especially those of any organization with geographically dispersed local branches. And if your business is growing, rest assured that any IronVIDEO system can easily expand to accommodate your security needs, adding as many as you need or simply one camera at a time.
Whether you are looking to implement an entirely new surveillance system or simply supplement the one that you have now, IronVIDEO has a video system that will fill the bill.
IronVIDEO systems offer exceptional functionality and reliability
Whether seeking to reduce external incidents of crime or internal incidents of fraud, implementing an IronVIDEO solution will pay immediate dividends by significantly reducing the risks of these occurrences. The improved image quality generated by NVRs and RVR's results in easier identification of potential perpetrators, providing the clearest possible view of transactions at ATM machines, deposit boxes and at branch offices. Finally, in addition to improving safety, IronVIDEO’s system capabilities will enable you to improve productivity by allowing you to use video images to evaluate peak hours of activity at each bank branch and adjust your personnel schedule accordingly.


Video Surveillance Security Systems for Education

IronVIDEO offers cutting-edge surveillance systems which will:

  • Monitor locations to help reduce willful damage to school property resulting in reduced refurbishment allocations.
  • Provide an additional measure of safety for staff and pupils during schools hours.
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing system and require no additional cabling.

And these are just some of the benefits that implementing an IronVIDEO system can offer.
IronVIDEO Systems Offer Users Access to Cost-effective, Digital Technology
Our digital surveillance systems have the advantage of being highly cost effective: installation costs are low since the cabling infrastructure is vastly reduced and the cameras can be viewed and the video can be played back on existing computers and events can be archived to cd or dvd or any other removable media. Because IronVIDEO systems can be integrated into existing surveillance solutions, installation costs are reduced. Running any IronVIDEO NVR system allows captured images to be stored on hard drives, reducing the storage equipment (and space) you’ll need for your system. Whether watching over a toddler in a daycare facility, a teenager in a library stack, or a graduate student in a science lab, IronVIDEO has a surveillance solution that can be customized to address your specific needs and budget.
IronVIDEO Systems Enhance Safety in Public Spaces
Whether walking between buildings or down inside corridors, students and teachers need to feel protected from the threat of harassment or violence - the presence of reliable network cameras in your institution’s public spaces will produce this peace of mind. After school hours, the same IronVIDEO surveillance system can be used to remotely monitor school property and deter vandalism. Systems can be designed to include a sophisticated, built-in motion detection capability which can generate alarms and automatically transmit images to your security operators, providing them with accurate, up-to-the-minute information upon which to base their decisions.
Whatever level of sophistication you require from a surveillance system for the corridors, classrooms, and playground areas of your learning institution, IronVIDEO can provide.


Video Surveillance Security Systems for Gaming and Casinos

IronVIDEO’s customizable NVR's, RVR's and High Performance Storage offers casinos a cost-effective method for maximizing the effectiveness of their recording capabilities. Offering virtually limitless storage capacity and able to accommodate applications requiring 1000+ cameras, IronVIDEO’s NVR, RVR and High Performance Storage lines will improve the quality of image resolution as well as the archival capabilities of any gaming establishment’s surveillance security system. When you need to be able to identify when an event occurred and who was involved, IronVIDEO offers the perfect solution.


Video Surveillance Security Systems for Government Applications

Maintaining public safety is a critical issue that is addressed daily at every level of our government. If you need to implement a system that will provide the highest possible level of public security, then IronVIDEO’s advanced NVR, RVR and High Performance Storage surveillance solutions deserve your close attention. The applications are as numerous as the technology is effective. Some of the specific areas where IronVIDEO technology can be used to better protect citizens include:

  • Crime Prevention
    NVR's and RVR's can identify threats before a crime occurs and the placement of cameras in public areas is an effective deterrent to mugging, theft and vandalism.
  • Crisis Control
    The images provided by NVR's and RVR's can provide police and firefighters with critical information that will assist them in properly determining who needs help the most in times of an emergency.
  • Entryways and Exits
    Using an IronVIDEO customized NVR or RVR and High Performance Storage allows footage of who comes and goes to be recorded 24 a day – this footage can later be used to identify perpetrators if a crime occurs, or, to provide statistical data regarding the public’s attendance at buildings like libraries and museums.
  • Exterior Use
    An outside surveillance system can help to prevent vandalism on public building sites; it can even be utilized to provide coverage of wider areas like public gardens and park areas where the protection of those walking or riding by is important.

IronVIDEO’s advanced technology offers government officials the means by which to efficiently and cost-effectively increase the level of public safety that they can offer.


Video Surveillance Security Systems for Healthcare

IronVIDEO systems provide scalable, flexible solutions for healthcare organizations requiring network video solutions for remote monitoring and surveillance applications. These applications primarily focus on:

  • Monitoring server rooms
  • Providing remote assistance

In the former instance, healthcare organizations of all sizes are acknowledging the importance of securing critical data like patient information and research material that is stored on computers. Accomplishing this objective is both simple and cost effective when you use an IronVIDEO NVR when implementing your network surveillance solution. Server rooms can be easily observed from designated workstations by authorized hospital staff members – and instant alerts can be issued when unauthorized motion is detected in a restricted area.

IronVIDEO’s systems can also be utilized to provide high-quality video feeds from remote locations to assist ICU physicians and nurses in the provision of appropriate medical care for patients being monitored at these sites. They can measurably improve the level of care being offered by providing the high bandwidth required to optimize the speed with which situations can be monitored and care can subsequently be delivered.


Video Surveillance Security Systems for Industrial Applications

Installing an IronVIDEO network surveillance system to monitor manufacturing production lines and processes can help to maximize worker efficiency, and with it, corporate productivity. Applications where IronVIDEO systems could be utilized include:

  • Control room feeds where the virtual eyes provided by an IronVIDEO surveillance solution could allow workers to monitor and correct situations that arise in situations involving hazardous materials with risking exposure to them.
  • Production line monitoring where special alerts can be triggered by the detection of unexpected or unacceptable deviations in programmed movements.
  • General plant security applications where raw materials’ areas can be observed and monitored to prevent the theft of both finished and unfinished products.

IronVIDEO offers the ideal, customizable network video solution to effectively monitor manufacturing lines, industrial and pharmaceutical processes, automation, warehouse and stock control systems.


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