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IronVIDEO Features

Standard Surveillance Features:

  • Support for MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264 network cameras and video encoders.
  • Support for Audio.
  • Digital Watermarking.
  • Auto Discovery option for cameras and video appliances. - Simplest Camera configuration wizard.
  • Support for camera-side Motion Detection.
  • Continuous recording. Recording will be running 24/7.
  • Multiple screen configuration options.
  • Software Motion Detection.
  • IronRAID IP-SAN and SES support for video recording.
  • Video archive back-up and export with proprietary player.
  • Support for up to 4 monitors per Client.
  • Remote connection via Internet and/or LAN. appliance can be accessed from any part of the world for remote monitoring, video playback, user management and more...
  • Real-time playback without interrupting recording. Any camera can be played back using Client application locally or remotely. Such playback will not interrupt ongoing video recording, nor the quality of the recording will be compromised.

Advanced Surveillance Features:

  • User-friendly wizards make IronVIDEO easy to use and configure. All commonly used operations, such as adding access to a new appliance from Client application, searching for Network (IP) cameras, user management, etc. can all be performed via intuitive wizards. This helps make very advanced features accessible to an average computer user.
  • User Management controls access to cameras and program features. Depending on user status, s/he can be either allowed or denied to perform the following operations: access archive, administer appliance, connect locally and connect remotely.
  • Control PTZ cameras. Pan, tilt and zoom cameras can be fully controlled from within the Client application.
  • Multiple clients can be connected to a single appliance. Depending on edition and user management settings, 1 to unlimited number of local and remote client applications may access the appliance to receive live and recorder video, as well as perform other operations.
  • Client can be connected to multiple appliances simultanously. A client application user, if granted sufficient privileges, can connect to unlimited number of appliances to view live or recorded video as well as perform other operations.
  • Each camera is individually configurable, including: recording, motion detection, image adjustments (brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation) and more.

Unique features:

  • IronVIDEO ENT supports unlimited number of cameras (hardware limitations may apply). The enterprise edition imposes no limits on how many cameras can be connected to an IronVIDEO ENT appliance. Although hardware performance cap (mostly CPU performance and network bandwidth) may limit maximum number of cameras.
  • Efficient CPU usage. If used along with the Network (IP) cameras and Network Video servers the IronVIDEO appliance will not use the CPU to compress video; this means that CPU usage will be low enough to avoid the interference with other IronVIDEO functions.
  • Fully-featured Client application – all functions, without exceptions may be accessed both locally and remotely (only one user interface). Anyone operating the client application can connect to the IronVIDEO appliance, access live and recorded video, change settings, etc. in accordance with granted user rights
  • IronVIDEO appliance can run as a Windows service. This feature allows running IronVIDEO appliance stay virtually unnoticed. Also the appliance can run without user logging into Windows, so the security of the system is not compromised.
  • Full featured local and remote playback with search on motion and areas of motion.
  • Client configuration (screen layout, connection to servers, etc) is registered file type, so it is possible to store different configuration on one computer, email them etc.
  • Screen may be configured for wide-screen monitor (WXGA).
  • Supports all major brands of Network (IP) cameras and Network Servers. The list of supported IP cameras is growing rapidly and an addition of not yet supported camera may be expedited upon request
  • Network Camera Search Wizard. Using this Wizard a user is able to find all available Network (IP) cameras, configure them and connect them in no time and with little effort.
  • Several IronVIDEO models and options available for all needs and budgets.

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