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What is a SES?

IronRAID's SES Storage Expansion System's with SAS Technology

A SES or Storage Expansion System gives you the ability to easily expand video storage on any of our NVR's and IP-SAN systems that support SES expandability. The IronRAID SES chassis or enclosure is based on SAS technology which enables storage expansion on the fly which is a real asset for a growing video surveillance solution. Each SES chassis will have it's own Raid configuration utilizing the Raid controller on the NVR or IP-SAN appliance. The SES chassis or enclosure can be connected to the external SAS raid controller or cascaded off from a SAS expander on the server itself or another SES chassis or enclosure. Depending on the type of expander it is possible to attach up to 256 SAS devices from a single SAS Raid controller. Now with the emergence of the 12G interface SAS will surpass fibre channel in the storage marketplace as that technology is maxed out at 4G and there are no plans to improve on that from the drive manufacturers. IronVIDEO and SAS technology is the way to go for today and in the future of video surveillance recording and storage.

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