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The NVR1000M is an advanced small form factor high performance Mobile NVR that is designed to be installed in about any type of moving vehicle. Once configured and installed the NVR and it is recording automatically when the vehicle is started and has a adjustable timed delay after the vehicle is shut off. Easily view and manage the NVR or multiple NVR's via the LAN, WAN or internet with our free remote client application. Up to 4 Mobile IP Cameras powered by internal POE and up to 2 TB of SSD Video Storage or up to 6 Terabyte 7.2k SATA Video Storage gives you plenty of space for video storage retention.

NVR1000M Features & Specs

  • Mobile Chassis
  • Anti Vibration Mount
  • 6.5V-32V Intelligent DC-DC Power Supply
  • Starts Recording When Vehicle Started
  • Vehicle Shutdown Delay To Stop Recording
  • Up To 6 TB 7.2K SATA Or Up To 2 TB SSD Video Storage
  • 4 POE Ports
  • 4 Camera Licenses
  • 1 Remote Client License
  • 3 Year Depot Warranty

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