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What Is IP-SAN? (iSCSI)

iSCSI, or internet SCSI, is an IETF standard which maps SCSI blocks into Ethernet packets. Fundamentally, the iSCSI protocol is a method for transporting low latency SCSI blocks across IP networks.

How can iSCSI Help Me?
iSCSI also allows you to build IP-SAN'S using something you already know and use everyday: Ethernet. In this way, iSCSI removes the limitations of direct attached storage, including the inability to share storage resources across servers and to expand capacity without shutting down applications.

Benefits of IP-SAN'S
High Availability
Multiple paths between servers and storage enable a constant connection, even if some lines go down.

The switched architecture of IP-SAN'S enable IT managers to expand storage capacity without shutting down applications.

Maximize Storage Resource Investment
IP-SAN'S allow you to share disk and tape devices across heterogeneous platforms.

Uses Well-Understood Ethernet Technology

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